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currently by 1%. >> thailand will be facing early elections after the prime minister dissolves parliament or said she would do that. her decision came after the resigned enarty masse. what is the latest? morning. those protesters are continuing on their weight to the government house. nine separate protest marches and thousands of people come supporters of the democratic party, and the protest opposition leaders saying the fact that yingluck dissolved parliament and called for fresh elections, it is simply not enough. this is something we're watching closely. the protesters have called for an unelected council in favor of the democratic process. they're not happy with yingluck and her family. her brother was a former prime minister of thailand. yingluck had offered to hold a national referendum. it comes as the protest movement deepens. the violence is something both sides want to avoid. that is what we will be watching closely today as they make their way across the city. and terms of the scene on the ground, it is business as usual. traffic is moving better than it .ould on a normal wee
.s. ambassador to china. twice elected as utah's governor, he brought about strong economic reforms, tripled the state's rainy day fund, and helped bring unemployment rates to historic lows. in his tenure, utah was named the best state in america and the best state in which to do business. he serves as co-chair of no labels with u.s. senator joe masden. it's working to bring about solutions to attract wide support in congress and begin rebuilding the america's people's trust in the federal government. also with us today, is senator evan bayh. senator evan bayh is a former two-term governor, served also as the secretary of state of indiana and served in the u.s. senate from 1999 to 2011. as governor of indiana, he enacted welfare reform, cut taxes, and brought about fiscal disciplines to state's budgets. in the u.s. senate, he was a leading voice, advocating for fiscal restraint, on government spending. he also worked in a bipartisan manner, something missing right now, to seek consensus on several key issues, including financial services reform and health care. our plenary session will begin
. this is not so bad. >> we are also waiting for official results from india's state elections. the opposition has be seen at the big winner. beginnal state will counting today. paul's point to the national vote which must be held by may. let's have a look at the prospects of the trading week over there and what happened on friday as well. it was higher by about 0.3%. we could be building on that. a group of investors is said to be considering a bid for the qantas fleet. that would offer the struggling carrier a cash lifeline. let's find out more. is this proposal exactly? i am assuming it is going to be -- >> exactly. these are fairly common transactions in the airline industry. qantas already has a fair amount of its fleet sold, about 2.9 billion according to its latest reports. there is another 7.2 billion there. wooleyoup led by greg has been involved with qantas for a while. been in globally aviation asset management. he was involved with some of the group who was launching the 2007 takeover of qantas. .e has proposed to come forward that would offer qantas a good bit of cash upfront which is
are on track for elections in 2014. i want to mention another thing that was going on at this iiss conference i attended in bahrain. foreign ministers from egypt, qatar, the u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel, they were talking about u.s. realignment, the realignment of the u.s. in the region. what that means for the gcc countries. as they look to shore up countries with trouble like egypt, the 15 to $20 billion they've invested, they're going to look to broaden their scope in terms of who they're going to be investing in and trying to make sure the gcc is a strong force in the region. >> we'll see what that does for investment attitudes. for now, hadley, thank you so much indeed for that. >>> we'll bring our attention to bio fuels. it could be set to rise after the eu canceled a vote. in october they called for these types of bio fuels to be restricted because of concerns it could lead to food shortages. joining us is kevin mckinney. thanks for joining us. big difference of opinion between the european council and the european commission. why? >> the three original objectives for bio fuels,
with my wife in westminster hall when he addressed both houses of our parliament as the democratically-elected president of all south africans. and i know i speak on behalf of the people in my constituency, holborn and st. pancras because they have a very special relationship with the anti-apartheid movement. the movement was founded at a meeting of about 60 people in the holborn halls in the summer of 959. 1959. its first leaflets were distributed a fortnight later outside camden town tube station. and its headquarters were always located in our area. it always had our support. so local people were particularly delighted when mr. mandela came to camden town in july 2003 to unveil a blue plaque this memory of ruth first who was murdered by the south african secret police and joe slovo who was a member of president mandela's first cabinet, and i'm delighted to see here observing us today his daughter, gillian. over many years committed people be in britain campaigned against apartheid, against the trials of the leaders of the african national congress and against the imprisonment that followed.
taxing and they won an election two years ago and still hold a majority in parliament. the police meanwhile say they are in control of the situation despite standing down early on tuesday. >> the demonstration of peace an order we will inform that in order to reduce the tension and protest and the police, the center for peace an order has opened barriers to let protesters come in the area of the government house. we are in the process of asian with police and police maintain peace an order and forces for military do safeguard the area and ready to enforce police operations. >> reporter: that is al jazeera and let's join scott at the main protest camp in bangkok and we saw extraordinary scenes earlier outside the prime minister's office and tell us about the situation on the streets and at the protest camp there where you are. >> on the streets we were right by the headquarters for the metropolitan police in bangkok and has seen some of the worst protests and law enforcement classes over the last couple of days and we were there when they pulled down the bash wire together and pro
midterm elections. long-term, the jury is still out and substance is going to ultimately determine whether this is a success or not. the most important thing of all is, does it keep costs down? that's what people care about more than anything else. there is some preliminary data, i want to stress preliminary, that costs have been kept down for a number of reasons. if obamacare is driving that, and costs continue to come in lower, that will be important. do the exchanges work, do healthy people get involved? that's critically important. we'll know that by march 31st. finally, look at massachusetts. they had a whole host of problems there at the beginning. and yet have gotten to a point where it's working fairly well, seems to be reasonably popular in that state. hopefully, for those who support the bill, that's the trajectory that will be followed. last thing, i comment on the ad that you're in, one of the ultimate ironies here is i think the health insurance industry is sitting back with tens of millions of dollars in ads waiting to go on tv to promote the law to get people to sign up. tha
opportunities for him to regain ground. the last time was followed by a whole election year when he secondake his case for a term, defend his record. this time, you don't have a moment like that where he could say, give me another chance. so it will be a lot harder for like dig out of a hole this. >> even with three more yearles to go? inwhat point does the public washington, d.c. start to look ahead to the next president? >> quickly, given our media environment for one. and you highlighted another obstacle he's facing and trying perceptions are set. and increasingly, the closer we 2016, the there are going to be more and more fixed. o that's a big challenge the white house faces. >> you want to talk to him about president obama, the legacy, how he's dealing with the most recent issues., the rollout of the website. the criticism he received. a the phone lines there. 202-585-3881. democrats, 3880. 202-55-32882. on l take your comments e-mail and facebook and twitter. i want to ask you about the end of october. inattention to detail may hurt the presidential legacy. talk
party resigned from parliament today. the party says the elected government is no longer accepted by the people. at least five people have been killed and hundreds injured since massive anti-government protests began last month. demonstrators have called on the prime minister to resign. protesters in kiev knocked down a statue of vladimir lenin as outrage mounted against the government's suspension of talks with the european union. numerous statues of lenin have been removed from kiev. this is the third straight week of protests in ukraine. al jazeera's tim friend has more. >> reporter: they poured into independence square in the thousands. they know this demonstration has to be big and loud to sustain the pressure on president yanukovych. on the edge of the crowd, young men prepared tactics for the worst outcome, another violent confrontation with riot police. a few streets away, squads of officers lined up in front of presidential office. last week there was chaos here, many people injured in a police charge. now there's a standoff. riot police at the ready at one end of the str
and iran. it is titled -- there is this story from "the weekly standard" focusing on the midterm elections -- next is james joining us this morning from valley village, california. i don't really consider myself an independent or republican or democrat. i see myself as a humanitarian. being that i dedicated my life to traveling the world, i don't see where any types of war or weapons is the solution to anything. next is kathleen from texas. caller: good morning. i am a military mother. quit the military. he trains people for three times what he makes as a private contractor. america is in decline because we have outsourced our wealth. 40% of americans make under 20,000 a year. torture and not outsourced every, -- and outsource slavery. more americans than al qaeda on 9/11 and 10 times the amount of iraq ease and saddam, and he gets a library. that is why america is a joke. i love you, steve. host: kathleen from texas. continue our feature, first ladies, influence and image. you can watch the program every monday beginning at 9:00 eastern time here on c-span. all of the programs from martha
elections. we are live in bangkok. wto delivers a global deal that at one chilean dollars to the global economy. a $1 trillion to the global economy. >> welcome to "countdown." i am mark barton. >> i am anna edwards. is a bloomberg news exclusive. shinzo abe says there are no and to abenomics. he talks about how japanese companies can stay competitive under his policies. regarding the corporate tax starting next fiscal year, we decided to reduce by 2.4% and we will be moving forward with reviews and studies on how corporate tax should be in order for japanese companies to stay competitive. thee will have a more from exclusive interview throughout the program. >> ukraine. protesters have flooded the streets of the capital among speculation that the president is going to sign up to a russian trade bloc. david tweed is there. angela merkel must be keeping a close eye on that. >> i want to give you an idea on how much of the german media and political establishment -- i want to show the right side the newspaper. this is the picture on the front and is also on the front of several other nati
's in charge of the republican governor's association which tries to get republicans elected. yesterday chris christie tried to set the record straight. >> mr. asterino hasn't told me or anyone else he's run for governor. i won't support someone who won't say they are running or not. it's much ado about nothing. my guess is some people, irresponsible folks who are trying touring him to run to try to create an image that, you know, i'm urging him to run. i'm not urging him to do anything. he came and asked for time specifically asked for time with me and mary, for he and his wife to meet with the two of us the impact it has on our family. they have young children like we do and that's what the whole conversation was about. when we have a republican nominee for new york then i'll support the republican nominee for new york. >> i had no idea. as he said i was at the republican governor's association. he's westchester, one 2-1 margin as a conservative in a democratic area. but everybody there knew he was running. i don't understand the confusion here. he talked to ed koch and everybody else. >> w
looks to make gains in key elections. we'll be in dehli in just over half an hour. >>> and move over, detroit. tensions are moving to other regions drowning in debt, including puerto rico. what it could mean. if you've got any thoughts or comments about anything we're talking about today, e-mail us, the ecb today will be presenting new growth and inflation forecasts alongside the announcement of its latest policy decision. the central bank said it expected a slight rise in inflation in 2014 and '15 and predicated a rise in in inflation across the upper row zone next year. annette is with us now. they cut rates last month. the euro hasn't weakened. we had sharp divergence between germany and france. what do they do now? >> that's a good question, actually, probably. today they won't do anything. we might see more moving towards potential further easing next year. as well, of course, that wouldn't be their first agenda to weaken the euro a little bit towards the dollar. they would never admit that. but it would actually help around the periphery of the eurozone. as
after declaring independence from yugoslavia in 1992. the documents depict a newly elected president eager to address the intensifying conflict which showed no signs of resolution. in 1995, the clinton administration's international leadership led to the dayton accord which ended fighting in the region. the second story is one of intelligence support. in june 1992, the cia created the dci balkan task force to coordinate intelligence support to the policymakers on the rapidly growing balkan conflict. the clinton administration informed by the balkan task force charted a strategic policy melding humanitarian aid, economic sanctions, force and diplomacy. but the path to peace as these documents will make clear was treacherous and the administration relied on accurate intelligence to make difficult choices. the last story is the uniqueness of the documents themselves. this collection represents only a portion of the documents concerning the bosnian war. it is the youngest collection ever released in the 20 year existence of the cia's historical review program. now, before it gives our fi
're acting the website literally can last for another year. because there is not an election for another year. how is that possible, they think that can keep going? >> i don't know. i mean, the problem for them is that obama care is their plan. and that's why they don't have anything to say. and they had to focus on the website. so i think the media and republicans were behind the narrative. you know, this shutdown affected the website coverage. and then the website was getting fixed and we were still talking about the website as if it was broken. and i think that the bottom line here is that once you sign up for insurance, you're not thinking about a website. on january 1st, when i go to the doctor, i'm not going to be thinking about the website. and nobody is going to ask me about the website. how long did it take you to sign up? nobody is going to be asking that. when you go to get your prescription and no co-pay for preventive care for women, you're not going to be thinking about the website. >> i think about the history books in 2040, are they going to be reading about health care or a w
are waiting for official results from india state elections. the opposition is seen as the big winner. he is ahead in three state polls. they give a pointer to the national vote which much be held by monday. could add aeal that trillion dollars to the economy. u.s. compliments on food subsidies in a latin american block. president obama praised the draft agreement. analysts say it will do more to salvage the long-running doha round of talks and to solve food shortages and tell global commerce. more on this deal later. we're going to hear. the u.s. and japanese economies will recover the most next year. find out more from the chief economist when "first up" returns. ♪ >> australia's largest insurer shares are plunging, the biggest drop in 12 years up down 21%. it is paired off that one. unexpected net loss of about $250 million. it is due to write-downs at the north american operations. this is a stock where watching for you this morning. qbe falling the most in 12 years. that will be one of the lacquers on the sx 200. on tuesday a hearing is due to begin. into the asian on the crash. ha
. the last time was the election year when he could make a case to defend his record. this time you do not have a moment like that way you can say give me another chance. -- dig be harder to send out of a hole like this. it is pretty easy to write off a .ame-duck resident people look for opportunities to do so in this town. you highlight another obstacle facing, digging out of perceptions. the closer we get to 2016, the more they will be fixed. that is a big challenge that this white house faces. we are speaking to scott wilson, the white house bureau chief. we are talking about recent fores, criticism received please give us a call. the phone numbers are on the screen. of course, we will also be taking your comments on e-mail, facebook, and twitter. as folks are calling in, we want to ask you about this headline in october. talk about the inattention to detail that you see here. guest: a couple things have come up recently with the national security agency eavesdropping disclosures. he said he was not aware the united states was eavesdropping on a german chancellor's p
elections. albeit it flawed, albeit it very serious allegations of corruption. and yet people came out and they voted. under the taliban, and shortly after, that was absolutely unheard of. so there is progress. there are substantial things you can point to. education. canada made it a priority to build 50 schools. immunizing children. getting basic health in place. improving the infrastructure of the country. so they could move away from a drug economy. to a more diverse and traditional egrarian type of economy. so we put in place the road map opportunities. will the afghan people be able to achieve it? much will turn on their governance and their own leadership. but we have laid that opportunity in front of them. i don't think we can back away from the necessity to continue assisting. canada has committed $100 million ongoing. and there is an old legal maxim that says once you start to render assistance, you have to continue. you can't let somebody drown. and i think the international community does recognize that. and also that the stakes are high. there are many, as is the case ongo
obama was elected, the domestic politics in iran create an opening for an agreement. the sanctions we have imposed have had an impact. the iranian people are saying to their leaders, "we need relief", and we have a president who is pragmatic. he's not soft, president hassan rouhani. he's practices mattic and put it together with president barack obama's relief that a good deal is in u.s.'s interests and you have space. >> you wrote in that piece that you were hope. a lasting deal will bring about a multilayered, mean layers of positive consequences throughout the middle east. is there not the danger that by giving iran more strength, unleashing iran that it would lead to more tensions between sunni countries. and shi'ite countries. making things worse? >> it's hard to imagine that things would get worse. iran has been shut out of the middle east. we have not had relations with them for 30 years. they are not at any table where we are. turkey has been growing. saudi arabia has been growing in the region, and they have basically made themselves felt by sponsoring terrorism through hezbo
the clarity of message or the attraction with the president. in 2004 they were calling specifically for re-elections. this time they want him to go or the government to step down for a new government. they are talking about obstruction measures, they want a change in the political system. these are ideas that are difficult to force concessions on. these are sitting with vladimir putin on friday. people want to know what he was discussing. this has been an this is a choice between europe or a choice between some kind of soviet union 2.4, they russia has a corrupting influence on the country. we'll see how things progress throughout the day. >> thank you for joining us from kiev. a car bomb attack from a police station in columbia killed eight people. it happened in a town south-east of the booingo tea. fighters known as farc are suspected of being behind the attack. leaders and officials are engaged in talks, trying to end a 50 year war that is taking 200,000 lives. >> 72 years ago this weekend pearl harbour was attacked. it was known as the day of infamy. 400 japanese plants bombarded -- planes bom
after the main opposition party resigned. the party says the people no longer accept the elected government. five have been killed and hundreds hurt since protests began last month. they are demanding the prime minister resign. >> protesters in ukraine toppled a statue of lenin. several statues have been removed from kiev. this is the largest demonstration by far. many are outraged that the government is rejecting talks with europe to keep close ties with russia. tim friend has more. >> it they poured into square they know the demonstration has to be big and loud to sustain the pressure on viktor yanukovych. on the edge. crowd young men prepared tactics for the worst outcome, another violent confrontation with riot police. a few streets away officers lined up. last week there was chaos, many injured in a place charge. now there's a standoff. riot police at the ready at one end of the street with shields and trudgeons, and at the other, protesters with their flags. they are waiting in preparation. everyone hopes there won't be the repeat of last week's violence. a solitary priest
the economy is going to do this year and next ahead of the election. >> yeah. i think the likelihood is that the economy will continue to grow at a 2% to 2.5% late next year. that's decent, but it's not stellar. given all they have said about reducing the deficit over the next few years, it leaves room for cutting taxes. i think what the uk needs is a rebalancing towards investment and exports. the government realizes this and i think as a consequence it's unlikely to do things to throw additional fuel on the fire of consumption. >> do you think the government is doing enough? are you expecting any measures, say, on planning tomorrow from the troika? would that have helped? we had construction pmis this week very strong, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. but many suppliers saying the supply side of that market is still very, very underperforming. >> yeah. i mean, when it comes to the supply side of the uk housing market, it really is down to things like change, having a look at the green belt legislation, trying to, you know, incentivize local authorities to watch the yen gauge
election? >> well, basically, you got to look at her as a very strange woman. she has two husbands. one's name is bill, the other's name is barack. she can't divorce either one of them. she's going to have to hug them, warts and all, and run with them. if she turns against this president at any point before she has this thing wrapped up, the base is not going to have it. this president has come back from the dead 57 times. he will be back. but she cannot get away from him any more than she can from bill clinton. >> complicated. a.b., i'm not going to follow up on the two husband metaphor. that was van jones, cnn, ladies and gentlemen. that's all his. but a.b., there's a provocative piece in politico today with a quote from our friend who says that hillary clinton is the liferaft on obama's sinking ship. alex is talking about the now, saying that democrats who want to split from the president even now can look somewhat to hillary clinton for safe harbor. do you see that happening, democrats in a way distancing themselves from the president and trying to move to her now? >> well, she's no
to wait for the next election. i caught up with one of the >> ( translated ): normally, we give them power for four years, but they've used it in the wrong way. they're corrupt so the people want the power back. >> reporter: the decision by the police to dismantle the barricades has come as a surprise. they'd spent days defending key government ministries, so i asked them why? >> ( translated ): we did this so we could talk to each other and reduce tensions, but we are not going to let the protestors do whatever they like. this decision was made to avoid further confrontation. >> reporter: for the country's prime minister, yingluck shinawatra, a small measure of relief is expected. with the nation now preparing for the thai king's birthday on thursday, she's asked people to use the time to brainstorm. but the leaders of this protest, as well as their followers, are in no mood to negotiate. we watched at the ministry of finance, which they've occupied for several weeks, as volunteers were trained to resist and besiege. they are organized and committed to their cause, and they seem increasin
medal in last year's presidential election. as the pending issue of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations from rival parties decided to continue negotiations. earlier today that the nation's top off this president up and hand held bilateral talks to her inquiry counterpart during which the two leaders agreed to further boost cooperation particularly in the economic sector. the presidential office correspondence and two as well. beckett and visiting freak president carol us but only as neatly focused on expanding the two countries' economic cooperation and trade or seven topps on tuesday afternoon. isn't that called on the greek air from and to be ratified to create a youth retreat prevent professionally to the fact of july two thousand eleven. but final ratification requires each eu member country to ratify the trade pact respectively. the trade deal is currently awaiting approval from six eu nations belgium france greece italy sweden and finland. the two leaders also agreed to strengthen the cooperation and the ship building sector greece's korea's largest
, protesters marched through the capit capital. the prime minister will call early elections in an attempt to resolve the crisis. >>> >>> in brazil, a soccer match was delayed for more than an hour when the fans fought each other. police used rubber bullets and tear gas. there were no deaths reported. >>> now for your first look at business, mary thompson. good morning. >> looking ahead to this morning's open on wall street, futures are higher as the markets are coming off friday's post jobs report rally. following positive economic data from china over the weekend. despite the rally the dow and the s&p snapped an eight-week win streak. >>> us airways and american airline also close their nearly $18 billion mirjser today kreeth the world's largest airline. on saturday ruth bader ginsburg deny add last-ditch attempt to block that deal. >>> well, first, black friday, then cyber monday. today it's green monday. ebay coininged that term which marks one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. will feature several of its black friday deals again today. veronica, back to you.
prisoners from the 2009 elections still being under house arrest but it would be difficult to have those conversations without a nuclear agreement. now that we have a nuclear agreement it is my hope that we can broaden the conversation. i would like to see a restoration of diplomatic relations that's not going to happen obviously for lionel. but if we have routine conversations between john kerry and javad zarif and others on a lower level that i but it does p a lot of prospects popped next month in january there is going to be a conference in geneva on serious and most likely the iranians will be there along with the saudi's and russians and others. john do you want to add anything? >> i for one have always advocated a broad agenda with iran. and it always seemed to me that the nuclear issue was that there were issues that were so vital to each side on issues of legality and nonproliferation, issues of national pride that this was going to be very difficult to resolve. and that would have happened is that we were -- if you pardon the expression -- holding the whole relationship hostage
through this for 2012 election. can you handle 2016? looks like rumors are swirling they want you to throw your hat into the ring again? >> the rumors are always coming and going. but the biggest question would be, would that mean i would have to quit being on "fox & friends" on saturday? >> no. emphatically i want to speak for our producers -- >> i'm just checking. >> because, you know, this is one of my favorite things of the week. >> i covered you last time. that was fun. at least from our point of view, it was really fun. >> i had a great time. i really did. it's one of those things you're not supposed to enjoy but i actually enjoyed the connection with people and campaigns don't have to be miserable. they can really be an energizing experience. >> you were tried and true. it's unbelievable, he remembers everybody's names and where they're from and different things about them. i imagine you are a rock star on the campaign trail. >> i wouldn't go that far. but, you know, it's an enormous experience to be able to really touch america and to understand what this country is about. get away
the current administration has taken lying to a new level. >> cornyn is running for re-election next year. he says he wants to scrap obama care and replace it with a different kind of overhaul. >>> a top u.n. official says there is massive evidence linking the syrian regime including president assad to war crimes during the country's nearly 3-year-old civil war conflict. they say is complicates responsibility at the highest level including the head of the state and it linked syrian rebels to the commission of war crimes. >>> an american in cuba is appealing to president obama. alan gross wrote a letter and it's expected to be delivered today. in it, gross says the president should intervene personally in his case. this is part of a new strategy by gross' family to put direct pressure on the white house. "the washington post" obtained a copy of this letter. >>> it is 34 minutes past the hour. let's get a check of the weather. are we talking snow again? >> we are, but not yet. i'll start on the positive side this time, right? >> nice smile. thank you. >> on the southeast. let's talk about tempe austerity for the 17 months before the elections in your neck of the woods, it looks like they are sticking with austerity. forecasts are a little more bullish than they were this time last year. >> hans, we are looking at apple and china. a huge story. apple will be able to sell their network inside china mobile. some 800 million customers, subscribers. that is seven times bigger than verizon. the question is, will they have any dropped calls? >> talk about the ecb and a moment. let's stay with tech. the google backed bill set for the house vote in washington. are a variety of efforts to regulate and on attand what is going google. anytime the u.s. gets involved, you can expect that it is a first step. if we do see progress on this legislation today, this is just a first step. a lot more has to happen. google's lobbyists can influence whatever comes out of it. --central-bank staff. central banks day, ecb and boe. >> we have got the u.k. at noon london time and then draghi at :45 frankfurt time. what more can draghi do? what will they give for inflation and economic growth forecasts? since
much so on the students' responses you know they think is an elective class. do you get paid much attention to it but as long as we start doing the downtown and decided to allow the city of amman to see them as essential to to be part of us that the people in it the more a team and second in the morning. let's face it it's an issue to be fully and today's program and let me ask you where some of the programs that are to be in did you know in the planning stage of ft next year two thousand fourteen to this twisty success on the fence while the two nd time and then dice and slice the cracks. of course to be invited to the same place it is time to do the same transformation time they cause people to think about the possibility of um better than my pinky and the wikipedia small thing you want to continue loving you in kind enough to allow want people to know how the local history and portends the story of a function now sequence he says hi and then to pick up time and see what's up what's on the phone you can't fault the wonderful achievements you have no competition there must be som
should change. one thing we really need to note is the ruing party was democratically elected and say the protesters that it was fraudulent but still to this day and now with the people on the streets of bangkok the ruling party has most favor and most ties behind them. because you see these tens of thousands of people on the streets of bangkok and what they do is that perception but if there were an election again tomorrow the same party would be ruling the country. >> same party in power and scott is live in bangkok and thanks for being with us this morning. coming up, how many shopping in your slippers? millions of americans are gearing up for cyber monday and plus dealing with diabetes a small country where one in four people have the disease. exploring an under ground treasure in italy, a water supply system created almost 2000 years ago. ♪ power of the people until we restore our freedo ♪ despite deep discounts and longer store hours, holiday shopping slumped during thanksgiving weekend. the decline is the first since the recession in 2009. spending in stores and online fell
of the major factors as to why the president, once you only got elected and he felt there was a series, sophisticated committed partner on the other side, that the president now has committed political will in his own name towards this process in which is not done at all since he took office. and that combined with the iranians are doing the same is creating a dramatically different situation into negotiations than ever has existed. but still he didn't mean it was easy and it didn't mean it couldn't have collapsed. the talks were supposed to end friday, but they continued on through saturday and that's when john kerry should have been to all of the other foreign ministers showed up and that a lot of us were thinking, they are only showing up because ideal already is had and they just had to wait for them to show up so the photo op could be there without any one of the missing. then it just kept dragging on. then they became 10 p.m. at night government and the talk was that john kerry has to go to london the day after. curiously because he needed have been meeting with with the british
are looking to 2014, mid-term elections as an opportunity for both sides. they've got to figure it out. >> what are you going to buy? quickly? besides the emerging markets? staying here in the u.s.? >> i think the biggest -- that doesn't happen i think we're okay. emerging markets will be the spot for next year. >> gentlemen, thank you both. good to see you. thanks for joining us today. we'll take a break. come back with the closing countdown for this thursday. in danger of a five-day losing streak overall. so far no up days for the month of december. >>> after the bell, they want $15 an hour. or no one gets a happy meal. fast food workers making their case today for higher wages. one will be joining us, coming up this next hour on the "closing bell." stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love and cheer ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- provocative design and exacting precision come together in one powerful package at the lexus december to remember sales event, with some of the best offers of the year on our most
to these people who were elected officials who are no longer elected will play a big role in stopping the next bailout. >> michael? >> i agree with lindsey. we don't want government in this role, period. but when we do have a very real situation that looks like too big to fail across banks and other industries we go through what we went through, the result really wasn't that bad. i don't think goth should be in this role and i don't think we've done anything to fix it. the banks are bigger other things are bigger. we'll have to do it again if we get there again. >> they're trying to write legislation to keep the fed from being able to exercise -- >> that's right, kelly. >> does it make sense? >> there's also more capital, michael. >> yes. >> a lot more regulation for better or worse. i would think given the capitalratios of some of these banks we're away from a t.a.r.p.-like situation -- >> although history after the fact is not that encouraging. we'll leave it there. steve liesman, they've for bringing that news to us. we'll keep eyes on gm shares as government has divested
guarantee him success in the elections. from his perspective, that was going to be russia particularly as the ukraine required financial support which the eu seems unlikely willing to provide. >> if they had been willing to provide that, would the situation have been different? >> potentially. however, russia does hold a number of cards. obviously, ukraine is still very dependent on gas imports from russia and the gas price would have been a crucial consideration in all of this. however, it's clear from what has happened yanukovych miscalculated the extent to which the population is in favor of joining us moving towards the eu. we just got this note coming out from the ukraine finance minister saying can ikiev will back its debt on time. what do you make of that? >> that's clearly a signal to russia that the ukraine is still on side and possibly able to appeal to russia to come forth with distance. at this point, yanukovych has to show concrete evidence of russian support. >> are these protests go to go continue? and what are the implications? >> the protests are likely to continue. sh
will try to dig out from about the risks of repealing it. democrats running for re-election for 2014 are already panicking. this is the president's first concerted effort to calm them down. the white house is changing its tone highlighting the achievements of obama care and the progress that has been made since the botched launch of the website just two the. >> the queueing system is a featured design to improve the user experience. enrolled. how many were shuttled into that comeback later queue. in a miami health clin irk, june miles may tried for a hird time to purchase insurance through the website. she hasn't had insurance due to diabetes and other pre-existing conditions. the website kept telling her to wait. >> i'm hoping everything goes well, you know, for me because i really do need health coverage. >> reporter: eventually miles mays filled out a paper application. the administration expects that even bigger traffic surge in two weeks. that's when consumers will probably rush to acquire insurance coverage by january 1st. to qualify, those
they're just buying tablets. >> on twitter. by the way, twitter has elected margie scar did i no to the board. a former head of the economist group. i think a nokia director in some capacity. so a little diversity of the board. >> hewlett packard doesn't just have diversity. it's a great turn around. >> i think that's always an interesting point. we talk so much about ladies in the top office, but there you've got meg whitman and cathy lesjack and they are running that company. >> and the cfos in this country, i don't mean to be sexist or even recognize gender, but two of the best cfos in the country are women. women who are watching the show are -- or teenagers or those in your 20s, go into finance. there's jobs there. >> when we come back this morning, a live interview with ford's ceo alan mulally as the automaker unveils a new redesigned mustang for 2016. but what about his future at the company? we'll see what happens. we're going to get factory orders and draghi's presser continues. a lot more "squawk on the street" in a moment. . tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your t
election question? >> a lot to resolve in washington. also coming up, ford has a new must end. will the new revamped model used the brand? >> ♪ >> tomorrow, jobs day, 8:30 a.m. in the morning. onerage on bloomberg radio, bloomberg television. betty liu will go beneath the headline data at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. this morning on "in the loop" you have something of going on. >> a slew of news. but i'm excited to see the new mustang coming out from fort. in brilliant orchid -- >> no, it is radiant orchid. is furtherht say it evidence that manufacturing in the united states is coming back. we will see more and more jobs. the gary shilling will be joining us and he says, forget that. that is all a bunch of baloney. any factoring jobs in the united states are not coming back. in thefacturing jobs united states are not coming back and what you see is a blip on the screen. like w, don't you? >> it is a rumor. -- you reportedlysomebody the world -- >> very good. i am motivated. oh wait. is it too early? >> we have been up since 2:00. 5:00 p.m. in belgrade. it is perfect this morning. whiskey
were. back in when i went 1998, which was about four years the first re-election, a friend of mine invited me to out on to the beach. and i had never stepped on the beach before because it had "whites only" and i didn't feel capable of stepping -- and walking on to beach, it was like shields were lifted from my eyes because to see the been able beauty of capetown before. families, muslim families, asian families, white families running on the beach. to nelson mandela. >> absolutely. >> pretty incredible. liberations. >> thank you so much to our entire panel. bright, selloake hatang. we'll be back after this break. >> all this week we've been talking about bubbles in housing, stocks, i.p.o.s. but there's one bubble that's, perhaps, bigger than the rest. bitcoin, the value of the currency has climbed 80-fold this year alone, trading under $900. it's gotten so big that it has a jesus. said that right. a jesus. roger, c.e.o. of memory dealers, a.k.a. bitcoin jesus, joins us right now have i i can't skype. the show.come to we want to know, how did you so-called messiah of crypto currenc
, right? >> that's not abusive. >> then you have cornyn, who by the way is up for re-election, although he doesn't seem to have a serious tea party challenger, saying that the president is a liar. and you know, you wonder why things don't get done in congress. well -- >> usually they are a little more polite than using that word. >> but you know, those google machines, the typing goes in very fast and it's there forever. >> what did he mean? what did he mean? >> let's hope he means i shouldn't have said that, i'm sorry. >> misleading, maybe. all right. we'll leave it. >> he meant what he said, i think. >> guys, thanks. >>> up next, an elderly american veteran supposedly confesses for crimes during the korean war. is he forced to make this apology by the north koreans? >>> plus, cnn on the front lines right now in syria's civil war. our own cnn crew gets rare access to one of the most brutal conflicts on the planet right now. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. who
from a high point, more or less with his initial election in 2008 to a low point, whether it was the language he used or some of the relationships that went on to change when they saw policies that were in place. what is it like today. where do things stand with if it's even possible to describe it, wall street generally. >> i would tell you that the alignment between the white house and the business community is probably the most aligned. away from the rhetoric people like to talk about, wall street and the business community wants immigration reform. >> wall street and business community wants tax reform. president would like them to go down 25% from manufacturing. wall street is for more of export initiative and free trade. if you look at where we are today, a lot of the president's priorities align with this country from the business side. >> jobs that was job one when he took office. we still have anemic job growth. the fed, it feels, has to pump $85 billion into the economy to try and spur job growth right now. what is it going to take? >> i'll
election will break the fever of partisanship and get things done when you give my team unified control. >> we can fix it all if we have everything. >> we have a shutdown looming, folks. let's not forget that. we have a deadline, otherwise we're going through all of this again. >> bah humbug, john. >> the voters usually end up coming to the right place. that's what usually saves it. it's usually the people that wind up turning these things around. you'll see it. >> thanks. great to see you. >> john avlon. we should get a picture of john's head on the grinch. >> i'm the grinch? >> no. >> i'll give you martha may. >> michaela. >>> let's take a look at the headlines. our headlines start with a live look at the scene of sunday's deadly train derailment in new york. you can see the train cars have been removed, crews are working to piece the track back together now. we have learned that the train was going 82 miles an hour as it came off the tracks. almost three times the 30 mile-an-hour limit for the curve where the train derailed. officials also say the engineer slammed on the brakes just
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